Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Smack 'em hard

The kind of people whom I hate to share a film theatre with :

1. Mr I-hate-the-movie-and-so-should-everyone-else - typically seen asking for a "nayee pikture ki ticket" at the box office. Doesn't give a fuck what movie he is watching as long as he gets to sit in a movie theatre for 2-3 hours and watch some TnA action. True form of this creature emerges when he realises that instead of a Salman Khan/Rajnikanth/K-Jo flick, he has got a ticket to a Rituparno Ghosh or a Sweeney Todd kinda movie. Proceeds to lament his fate for the "bundle/bogus/bakwaas movie" to all and sundry and in the loudest possible voice. Repeats the phrase every 2-5 mins addressing it to everyone around him looking for approval. Usually finds support from another creature of his species who is sitting 5-6 rows away. They then proceed to have a conversation across their rows with a lot of "madarchod/behenchods" thrown in for effect.

2. Mr How-can-i-put-my-phone-on-vibrate: Thinks that vibrate mode on cell phones is only for desperate ladies. Wants to also find a lay for the night by playing his latest Himesh Reshammiya ring tone. Ergo, has his phone on the loudest possible volume so that even the heroine of the movie can hear it. Typically will get atleast 25 phone calls during the course of the movie. And being the extremely important person that he is, Mr. How-can-i-put-my-phone-on-vibrate will take atleast 60 seconds to pick up a phone call. Upon picking up the phone, will proceed to explain the exact location of the theatre that he is currently in, so as that he can be traced in case Mr George W Bush wants to call on him. Alternately uses this phone call to also explain to his assistant how important his 2 crore consignment is. Can be easily spotted in the crowd sporting atleast one or more of the following:

1. Tight Armani Exchange t-shirt over a big fat paunch

2. White snake skin shoes with pointy toes that are from the nether regions of the Texan Wild West

3. Gold chains around the neck and the wrist ala Bappi-da

4. A fat potbellied aunty wearing a tight kurti which was featured in the latest K-Jo movie.

3.Mr Trivia-freak-from-Hell: Knows anything and everything that has ever been written/blogged/insinuated about the actors/director/producer/make-up man of the movie. Will proceed to inform his companion of the same with extremely irritating alacrity at regular intervals and ensure that everyone around him also knows how well informed he is. Prime candidate to be featured in the next episode MTV's "One Tight Slap".


Current Music: Jane's Addiction - Jane Says.

Monday, June 09, 2008

The verdict....

Aamir gives me hope for Hindi cinema.

Watch it before it disappears from movie screens. I sure am watching it again.

Friday, February 29, 2008

The life force of our people

Ok so I am not quite as dead as this blog might make you thing. Life's just been a lil' hectic of late y'know. Work life has been gnawing into the remnants of my personal life and its not such a pretty picture I tell you. But I am back. Atleast for now.

Anyone following the NBA season would have heard of the big trades. Pau Gasol to LA to perform the perfunctory Robin act next to Kobe's Batman. I predict a championship ring for both next year. Kobe is getting his brains back in place and with his prodigious talent all he needed was a wingman to get him the through. And the 7-foot, free flowing, 18 feet jumper hitting Gasol is what Dirk Nowitzki was 3 years back. A European novice biding his time to prove his mettle. With Kevin Garnett moving to Celtics, these 2 teams have really put their hands up to be counted as contenders for the title.

On the flip side was the entire Jason Kidd to Dallas fiasco. Read a really funny take on it while the deal was going through the not-happening phase here. Pretty funny stuff.

So a quiz at KCircle is being done by me this Saturday. Have not had the most time to set a quiz but nonetheless, fundae would be unleashed. The KQA Music Quiz done by Thejaswi Udupa( which we narrowly came 2nd in, damn that WALTWO) was a super quiz which has set me up in the unleash mode. The question of the quiz( ..and the crack of the quiz by yours truly ;) ) was this funda about how the song got its name. Dont we all love the decadence of 80s hair metal.

Now onto the obligatory video that would go with this post. If you haven't heard KillSwitch Engage then do it NOW!! Their 4th studio album As Daylight Dies is currently ruling my Ipod right now( along with Eagles' Long Road out of Eden) . This is their second video that album which incidentally is for my favourite song of the album titled " Arms of Sorrow".

Current Music: KSE- Fixation on the Darkness

Friday, November 02, 2007

Time to emancipate....

Ok so software folks are typically not the kinda people who you would really want to meet up for dinner and with and have an engaging conversation with. Most of the folks that i have spent time with, and maybe thats been my misfortune, have been the kinds who haven't really gone beyond pink floyd, "nothing else matters", "so cool yaar", coffee day,nose hair, butter chicken, tight tshirts over paunches, nokia n70s,robin cook, karan johar and template classes. There are a few who I have met, but not that many.

And then there is Mr I. M. Wright. To any Microsoft guy who doesn't know him...get the hell away from my blog. This guy is the funniest guy to ever write about very serious software. Frankly, I am not the kinda guy who would really go out looking for tech blogs unless my job depended on it. But this guy is one guy whose columns I would really search for on our internal newsletters. He was the guy who would compare triage meetings to blood thirsty wars. Who compared his 40 year old life to Microsoft's evolution. Who wrote about important stuff in the way that you could actually read about it and remember.

And now, this guy has his own MSDN blog. Hallelujah! Eric Brechner aka I.M. Wright, welcome to the net.Its about time the outside world read you. Read his blog at . It has about a microcosm of the stuff that he writes for internal MS consumption, but it is appetising enough.

Now onto the video for today. Well, this one is a special one. Its a song that made me fall in love with Pearl Jam. Watch this video and you will know why. They were so 90s, so raw and so fucking angry with the world. And this song is my favouritest car song ever. It made scribble song lyrics in text books, carve Pearl Jam on the classroom desks. It makes me wanna jump in my cube right now as I listen to it. The energy of this song is just something else. If you ever wanna catch me in a crowded place, you just need to play this song. I cannot not start headbanging!

Current song: Pearl Jam - Rearviewmirror

Monday, October 22, 2007

An endless journey into the morbid

The search for the arcane is killing quizzing. Some of the recent quizzes that I have been to, have simply been mind numbingly boring. In their bid to set uncrackable questions, QMs are getting questions from the arbitest levels of obscurity. Blame wikipedia for it, if you will, it has made fundaes too readily available for easy consumption. A small piece of advice to wannabe quizmasters. Read BOOKS!! They provide some really good fundaes if you can put in some effort.

Which brings me to the other point of this entry. Some voucher's won in some quizzes funded some really nice reading material. The first was "The Man who knew Infinity" , a biography of the Ramanujan. Excellent reading, a tad too impersonal though. And from an engineer's perspective, would have loved to see more in depth mathematical explanations in it. But nevertheless, this gave me some impetus to get the rust of my brain and search the net for some good reading material on the same. This is what I found. Read it at leisure for it will keep you absorbed for days if you are caught unawares.

The next book that caught my fancy was "Celebrating the best of Urdu Poetry". I have managed to read quite a few vernacular writings, but unfortunately never had a chance to lay my hands on real urdu poetry. Nay, probably my lack of understanding of the Urdu language has been the reason behind this hesitancy to pick up Urdu text. But this book turned out to be a nice surprise. Urdu poetry in Hindi for a change and with English translations. I am sure it hardly reflects the best of Urdu Poetry since 300 odd couplets can hardly do justice to such a genre but what the hell, its good for a start. Zauq,Meer, Ghalib, Iqbal all the doyens are suitably represented here. A nice read through and through.

Which brings us to the video accompanying this post. Some people have questioned the fact that there haven't been any good metal vids put up as yet. So here's the fix. Archenemy- My Apocalypse

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Every dog has its day, every day has its way

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an information worker stuck in his cube must be in want of a holiday. No,no ... its not that we be a Darcy wannabe, but a vacation does entice us tremendously at the moment. However the conditions for the same are not quite conducive (dont ask us why...its a road that we have been down too many times in the recent past) we shan't be doing that for a bit. Lovely word eh, that shan't. Heard Eddie Vedder use it once in a concert at Wembley. Always wanted to use it since. One more thing to cross of our list of things to do before we die. Damn where did we keep that list. Must find it and update it with recent occurences. But we digress. Since we cannot go on vacations for a bit, we shall instead compile a list of places that we want to see before we die. Due thought of precisely 30-oh-so-precious seconds has been given to this list, so expect major lacunae/omissions. A worthy commission for us nevertheless. So here goes.

1. Scotland : After duly watching tons of British serials/movies set in this wonderous part of the world, we are just in awe of the majestic beauty of this place. Plus, we have always wanted to pretend to have a Scottish accent after watching this and talk to the MacGregors, the MacLaughlins and the MacLeods and figure out the mystery behind their cool surnames. Someday...

2. New Zealand : Yes,we be might ashamed of admitting this one. The inspiration to visit this place came primarily after watching this which is only because this hadn't come out by that time. But a country that has so much beauty and so few people is definitely worth visiting.

3. Egypt: When we be of impressionable age, we happened to come across this book titled "River God" by Wilbur Smith . And the young impressionable us developed such an impression of the Egyptian way of life, that it has been a dream to visit this land for long. Agreed, the Pharaoh's are dead but from what we understand they left a lot worth seeing, behind.

4. Alaska: Blame the fascination for this on a number Husky stories that we read when we were young. Always wanted to go on a sled pulled by dogs with nothing but the color white all around.

5. Brazil : Primarily want to see the Amazonian rain forest, if such a thing still exists. The things that we could do their in no particular order of importance are:
a. Fight an anaconda
b. Say hi to a jaguar
c. Get a specialised private treatment from a true-blue shaman
d. Find our own WonderWoman

The number 5 looks appealing enough to stop our visions of fancy for the moment. Our ever-vigilant reader must have noticed the absence of any places desi in this post. Well we shall keep stories for such places for another day. Till such time enjoy this fine example of the art of remixing as demonstrated by the Maestro Eric Prydz in his wonderful rendition of the song "Another Brick in the Wall" which had been originally conceptualised by Messrs. Waters, Gilmour,Wright and Mason who went by the moniker of "Pink Floyd" at one point of time. The video depicts certain uncouth young children supposedly commiting vandalism and other such despicable acts, which children of their age are wont to do, only to later reveal that they were actually trying to put forth a very important social message. Jolly good show, lads, we say to them!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Heard it through the grapevine...

Ok so I am a recent convert to the Ipod excuse is that I got it as a gift and that means quite a bit to me. And the one thing that i cant seem to get enough are Podcasts!!

I mean think about it, what is so unique about it as a product in itself. Its just a glorified mp3 file after all aint it. But Apple must get a lot of credit for promoting it the way that they have, which in turn has almost made Podcasts a fashion statement. I am still quite a bit of a newbie to this world of podcasts but here are a few of my faves( I am still figuring out all the podcasts available for free via Itunes so all of these are available via Itunes)

1. Best of YouTube - no need for a plug for this one. Really what more can you ask for then somebody sorting out all the good stuff from youtube and sending it out to you

2. Tiesto's Club Life - One hour mixes by Tiesto. Whoopeee!

3. NPR Jazz Profiles- Full hour specials on Charlie "Bird" Parker, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis. From the best radio channel in the US.

4. The Ungodly Hour - a weekly show featuring some really nice Goth and Industrial Music. Plus the hosts have this habit of making of fun of all things religious so it makes the really very funny.

Something new for the blog today. Posting a video of a song that i really like from Youtube. Hoping to make that more of regular feature from now on, on this blog. Song from the Claire Danes starrer Brokedown Palace called Damaged by some band called Plummet. This song became quite a rage when it was remixed by Andain sometime last year or the year before that. But i really love the original though.